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Shabab Accused Burning One Of The Village Bule Burde

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The administration of the Bulo Burde town of Hiran region called Somalia federal government to delay a decision with the people living in the outskirts of the village of Shooli  Bulo Burde town.

Ibrahim Abdalla Derow the authorities Bulo Burde said last night the Al Shabaab attacked the village Shooli there on fire by the attack killed one civilian.

The commissioner said  the door to completely burn the inhabitants started to migrate to the homes where he was burned and the rest are in the wilderness, on a Federal Government of Somalia and other emergency damage The comments on the crisis in the village.

Chairman warlords described fighters rebels are enemies of the Somali people and act any grudge against residents of villages along Bulo Burde town in hiran region in central Somalia .


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